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Most worthless item on your bike/trike/scooter

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With manufacturers adding everything except the kitchen sink to bikes, what do is find is the most worthless if anything.
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Hand guards. Theres nothing holding them at the angle they sit at. Its just clamping force on the bars. So if they took an impact Im 99% sure they'd just rotate down and leave my hand to take the whack.
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Try breaking trail and maybe then you can post an experienced opinion on hand guards .
They actually do what they are suppose to do .
And well designed guards have at least dual attachment points : both around the bar and inside the bar end . ;)
The key word here is "well designed." They would need to be keyed to the bars somehow so they don't rotate on impact. Just clamping force isn't going to hold the bar from rotating when it takes a whack.
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1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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