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If my spark plug is faulty, Changing it might fix the problem, Right?
And, Will the air Filters fix all the problems?
Just exactly HOW do you know that "you are running rich" if you can't get the plugs out ??

You have already made a major mistake by starting with modifications when it wasn't running right STOCK in the first place. :(

Yes, you need to fix the "spark plug" problem first; might or might not help the other stuff.

Running with no filter is roughly the same as with a K& testing it that way is probably OK......and it will not change (much if any) when you do put the filters on.

If you still have stock pipes on it, your jet change might have been too much.....or you might even get by with the stock jets.....but you should NOT mess with that any more until you get the "spark plug" problem fixed.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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