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I have a 2011 Yamaha Star Stryker. My previous bike, a 2008 Yamaha 650 Custom, was a small project bike for a ton of aftermarkets. I am hoping to do the same with this one.
I want to keep the "gothic, shadow, dark" theme. Everything on the bike, minus the exhaust, and the seat, I want changed (radiator scoop, grips, mirrors, rims, fenders, headlight, etc.), but don't really know where to begin. I can get a new fender called the reaper, but it's made of fiberglass. I would prefer steel, and I'm worried I might have to spend $500+ on someone to fabricate that for me. Also, small caps that can be placed throughout the bike.
Visual performance is a big deal for me (meaning air cleaner). I don't race the bike, but every now and then I'll open it up a bit. I am planning on upgrading the valves and injection way later down the road.
Anyone have any suggestions? What do you think would look good? Hoping to get the same style material that is currently being used (radiator cover - plastic, front and back fender - steel)
Thanks for your suggestions.


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