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Hello, I tried to make 3 posts so hopefully I’m not breaking any rules here.

I own a 2005 Kawasaki Z750S with around 50k miles, got it for a steal and it was well kept for the most part It’s my first bike (I’m a huge newbie to motorcycles but I love it!)

I had a problem with the stator bolts backing themselves out the first day I road it and the stator smacked against the flywheel a bit... but I was able to order the OEM bolts and locktight them back in with no charging issues.

once I got back on the road my bike had a FI light on.. I didn’t think much of it since I had no issues with the mechanical functions of the bike; however, after reading on how some of the sensors affiliated with the FI light could shut off the bike, I decided to explore it. I didn’t want to pay the $100 diagnostic fee my local Kawasaki deal charges, so I found out how to put the bike into deal mode 1 in order to read the code. The code showed up as code 15 or atmospheric pressure sensor malfunction. After looking some schematics, I discovered the pressure sensor was underneath the gas tank. I stripped the bike down where I could get to the sensor and looked over the wiring. Me and my dad tested Imput and output voltage and both were in reasonable limits according to the manual. None of the vac tubing looked cracked either. The last step to checking this according to the manual is to check a specific terminal on the ECU and the pressure sensor for continuity.. I plan to do that this weekend; I was just curious if anyone had any other recommendations I should be checking.

the second and more pressing issue is that upon me putting the bike back together the way I took it apart, it developed a misfire and I lose power till about 4K RPM in any gear and then get a jerk from it coming back. Ive been doing a lot of looking on YouTube and forums such as this and found it could be a coil pack, spark plug, vac leak, or injector jet? I plan to check these this weekend along with the other project; however, I don’t see how this could develop while I had the bike apart checking the pressure sensor. One thing I read was that changing the air filter on the bike could make the bike run more lean and cause a misfire.. I did not change the air filter but it was quite dirty and I blew it out with an air compressor. Could this have been whats causing the misfire ? I own a truck along with my bike and work 30mims away so I love to ride any time I can in order to save money on gas, plus I just love riding. Any advice is appreciated! Sorry for the long post I wanted to be sure to include the details.
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