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I have a 2003 gixxer600, I recently had an accident and had to do a lot of repair, one of which, are the side mirrors. I ordered a set of tear drop mirrors on ebay, but they are too small. so I have ordered another set that are supposed to be the same specs as the factory (who knows with Ebay). I went to have my turn signals installed today and the mechanic asked me, why don't I get the mirrors for the 06 Gixxer600 with the integrated signals, instead of chopping up the stellar new body kit and paint job with lights no one can see? I have thought of this, but i didnt think they would fit on my 03. the mechanic said if any mods, the base would cover it. Does anyone know if this is true, will the 06 mirrors fit on an 03 bike? And if so, is the much modifying, if any?
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06 Gsxr600 mirrors for sale

Ok, so i bought the mirrors for the 06 and of course, they fit, but the angle of the mirror CAN NOT match the angle of the 03 mirror. So, if anybody is interested in a set of 06 Gsxr600 mirrors, please contact me.
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