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Today is the last day of the bike show at the Jay county Fairgrounds on Votaw Street in Portland IN.

The coolest thing about this show is that you can ride your bike along all the paths that surround the bike exhibits.

Lots of Whizzers,Cushmans of every stripe, some decent indoor exhibits.
it is advertised as open tomorrow as well,but everybody is gone by noon after packing up in the morning. Also some Franken bikes that defy description. i haerd that there is a Cushman Eagle with a sidecar there foe sale for 4500.00

The guys who show their bikes come from all over the country and camp for the week. I was going to at least ride over today,but that will happen only if i get some more work done [setting goal] in this nice cool weather.

Easily worth a 75 mile ride IMO. Remember --do not take the cage because you can ride everywhere [slowly]
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