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Milestone of sorts

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I hit 145,770 miles today on my 2008 Vision, which may seem like a weird number to celebrate but it has a hidden meaning... I bought this bike with 45,750 miles and at the time I was very concerned with the mileage, I really wanted a Vision and it was what I could afford back then, but I was really hoping it would have some miles left in it.
So far, it had 100,000 more, and it still looks good, runs fine, and gets me to work every day. No engine work, no major breakdowns a few things had to be replaced, the fuel pump at 65K, the clutch at 108K and a transmission output shaft seal at about 90k, but other than that it's just been routine maintenance items, brakes, tires, oil.

The original owner paid about $23,000 for it, and rode it 45K miles, then sold it to me for $5500, so on a cost per mile basis I think I've done quite well. I ride it year round, in heat, cold, rain, dust, and a bit of snow occasionally :cool: , it's been as reliable as an anvil and see no reason this bike won't go 200K, Victory built some very reliable machines.

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Impressive. Well done. Always great to see people that actually put miles on their bikes.

I had bought a brand new 2003 GL1800 and went on to put 135,000 on it.
Had a 2006 FZ1 that I put 40,000 miles on.
Now I have a 2020 FJR1300ES that I've already put 35,000 on.
These miles were put on while having other bikes during the same period.
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When I got into biking in the 60s, if you saw a bike with 30,000 or 40,000 miles on it, that was a lot...except BMWs. I had a series of BMWs from back that that just ran forever. My '74 BMW has 172,000 miles on it.
Now, 40,000 is like brand new.
My current Goldwing, pictured below, has 115,000 on it. Still runs like a brand new bike. I fully expect that this bike will last as long as I do.
My 2003 GW was just broken in at 135,000 miles. I personally know of 3 others that have over 600,000 miles with no major engine work ever needed.
That is awesome!
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