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It's not a long event, and it is on a week night, so most likely, it'll attract a more local crowd, is well attended and growing........

Middletown, Connecticut's "Motorcycle Mania" will shut down the Main Street this coming Wednesday, from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM, with live music, food and trinket Vendors, and bikes. They fill the street like Sturgis!

The town is going to have to eventually change the day and time, given its current weekday scheduling, and the short 4 hour window for the event, considering it is as well attended as it is.

I went last year, and can attest to how rallies such as these can really lock down a town. The local authorities do a decent job of keeping things copacetic.

I believe this is the 12th year for this annual event:

The 12th Annual Middletown Motorcycle Mania – presented by Hunter’s Ambulance, Hunter Limousines & the Hunter Family, and driven by Haymond Law Office

There IS a "rain date" of August 16th, if the weather
gets messy.
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