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Mesa Grande Rd 1st
from Jdog 109socal Plus 2 hours ago All Audiences

So i figured out what road i was on...MESA GRANDE RD.. Here in North San Diego county... This morning i decided it was time to get out and ride some new roads... I headed out around 8:30 am and headed east on the 78 to Santa Ysabel then north on to hwy 79 up to Mesa Grande rd where i notice a CHP getting closer to me..I was doing 65 in a 55 but don't think that why he was gaining on me. maybe cause i went through all six gear quick testing out my quick shifter i just installed ... As i put on my blink to turn left on to Mesa Grande and he right on my ass now I make the turn and look back at him figuring he going to pull me over he flips a U turn and heads back towards Santa Ysabel???? WTF Any hoot turned out to be a great little mellow ride morning .....Enjoy the ride

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