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member bike builders

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I'm new here and would like to meet any members that built their own bike.
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Hey there chopperhead,after 3 years,i always build my bikes by myself,frame,controls,handlebars tanks,.........
Just started a next project,will need one year for it i think.

Hey chopperhead. I'm new here myself, but I've been building since the late 60's. Back then, if you wanted a chopper, building it was the only choice. The wildest one I did was a Panhead with a straight leg frame. Added 8 inches to the downtubes and bent the backbone to meet it at the steering head. Put a 20-inch overstock D&D springer on the front and the cradle sat almost perfectly level. square molded the frame with a coffin tank blended in. I think that one was my favorite. Got a BUNCH of looks no matter where I took it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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