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One of the things he touches on is fatigue management – almost always is a factor at some level on longer rides (and “longer” is often relative based on rider and equipment). First of course, it to reduce fatigue as much as possible – cold/heat, dehydration and discomfort are some of the usual fatigue generators, and it sounded like he tested each a bit. Other factors are just things that surprise you on the trip – traffic, construction, mechanical issues, unexpected weather, etc., can all add to it… usually is not a huge factor until one gets out around 1000 miles a day, but at that point even experienced riders can find themselves doing stupid stuff… (I dropped my Nomad about 18 hours into a 20-something hour ride – forgot to put the kickstand down at a gas-pump because I was fixated on a LEO cruiser sitting nearby – adrenaline is wonderful… stepped of the mess, and yanked it back up where it belonged before the officer got curious enough to investigate – decided I needed to take a short break tho’ – which turn out to be a story in itself…).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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