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As my can of PJ1 neared empty, I decided to
try something different, hoping to get a lube
that wouldn't attract dirt. A guy at the local
shop said Maxima Chain Guard would do the

After I got the chain nice and clean, I took the
bike out for a spin to throw out all the solvent
and warm the chain. Then I gave it a nice
coat of Chain Guard. As I sprayed, I wiped it
with a towel to be sure it didn't go in the wrong
places and to keep it at a thin even coating.

I let it sit a while, to thicken up, and when I
got back, it was dark and foggy so I didn't
get out on the road. I did notice that the
oil was still liquid, not congealed like I
expected. I wiped the chain again with
a cloth but found there wasn't any excess
oil to remove.

The next day I went for a ride. I didn't notice
any difference in the sound of the chain or
the performance of the bike. After several
miles at a stop, I reached down and felt the
chain and found it was cooler than I was
accustomed to. The lube appeared to be
doing its job very well.

When I got back and dismounted I found
a fine coating of oil over the entire back
of the bike. Since the lube remained
liquid it wasn't sticky enough to stay on
the chain. From the looks of what I
wiped up, the lube resembles an
SAE 50 motor oil.

The mess was probably the result of
the lube hitting the chain shield and
splashing in every direction. (Its not
much of a shield.) I noticed that the
road dirt wasn't sticking to the chain
as I hoped. It appears that it is getting
flung off just as the oil was.

My conclusion on this chain lube is that
it may be good for the cables, and also
for door hinges, but not on my chain.
If your bike has a better shield around the
drive chain, you may be more satisfied
that I was with Maxima Chain Guard.

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Most bikes have an o-ring chain these days. When you lube an o-ring chain you are only lubing the outside of the chain, which isn't really necessary unless riding in wet weather. Just my .02.


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Don't forget that on an o-ring chain,
the roller isn't sealed by the o-ring,
just the pin. Chain lube does penetrate
this area.
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