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Matt - Gold Coast Australia

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At 52 I guess you would call me a late bloomer when it comes to riding. Allways wanted a bike but never happened. My wife reckons its a mid life crises.....Whatever!!! :cool:
Im riding a 2015 Suzuki Intruder 250 VL. Good beginers bike but Ive quickly begun looking at something with a bit more grunt....just for off the start.
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Hi, welcome onboard. I lived at Surfers and Biggera Waters for several years. Some great riding around the GC.
WELCOME ABOARD the site, and...

Hope to see you contribute. You get more from the site when you do.
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Welcome from another rider late to the game! Riding is like a time machine for me. At 54, it makes me feel like I'm still in my 30's!
Hi MattVickers!
How's the weather in Australia, the other side of the world from me in the south-east USA?

PS: I also just got into riding a motorcycle on the street in my 50s. I had used several dirt bikes in the woods and muddy fields back 30 years ago, and for a long time I've had the itch to ride the public roads at a decent speed that could keep up with traffic, safely. I finally bought my first appropriate motorcycle of that type six months ago.
Welcome Matt, lots of us late bloomers here. 47 before I started riding.
Welcome from the UK.
43 years of British pot holes and still love every minute!
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