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I consider myself "lucky" that I found a "Paint Pen" for the Paint scheme on my 1998 Shadow ACE, just BECAUSE of its age.

Of course, I realize that the paint is not going to necessarily match up very well, since I expect my bike's factory paint job will have faded some.
Luckily, I only have a spot about the diameter of a pencil eraser, to cover.

Yep, heard a rock hit the other day, and didn't see "where" it hit, til the wife pointed out a spot on the "red" part of the front bumper.

It didn't take any effort to locate the paint code for the bike, on the frame. So I wrote it down and found a "paint pen" on my first attempt.

I'm used to those bottles of Touch Up that have a little brush inside them. Never used a "paint pen." Anyone care to chime in with some experiential advice on using one? The chip went down to, at least, the Primer.

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