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Hello from a Katrina Retread!
Hi All. Pete here, glad to be minus two wheels again. Lost my bikes (and a few other minor things house possessions etc) in 2005 Katrina. Recently aquired a 2006 Suzuki S50 (Intruder) Good to be back on 2 wheels! Bike has only 4300 miles, but was left out a lot. Now planning on a long remote bucket list trip on a 2006 Suzuki.
Welcome back!

Need to make it breakdown bullet proof as possible.
A 2006 Suzuki will be fairly bulletproof without any special effort.
My K6 Suzuki Bandit 650 has been very reliable over the last 7 years.

You said it has been left outside a lot. This could lead to wiring and connector
problems. Bring a short length of insulated wire. This will make it easy to bypass
the clutch or side stand switch if you have problems starting the bike.

If you have an alarm/immobiliser fitted, make sure you know how to
remove or bypass it in the event of a failure.

Maybe bypass safety interlocks etc.
You are unlikely to have any problems, but you may as well be prepared.

Wire, snips, insulating tape, cable ties....

I have no issues working on anything, just need to understand systems and failure possibilities.
The most likely cause of breakdown is a puncture. For tubeless tyres, bring a plug kit and a
small 12V compressor. I'm not sure what you would do with a tubed tyre. Use a can
of 'stuff' for a temporary repair or remove the wheel for a proper repair. If the tube or valve
is badly damaged, I suppose you won't have much choice in the matter.

Obviously I will do tires battery etc, but we all know it’s easy to get bit in the butt by simple stuff. *I have already put a stout straight start button right to the starter relay, it works great* but there are also interlocks that prevent spark/fire I notice (kickstand / neutral) What else could “get” me?
I think you have that well covered.

What are the normal “failure modes of these bikes?
Apart from punctures and wiring faults, the other common problems are:
Broken clutch cable. An experienced rider will be able to continue without
using the clutch.

Coolant leak. Minor leaks are survivable as long as you have enough water
available. Radiator leaks can usually be sorted by adding 'stuff'.
I had a major leak in the rad of my ZZR-1100 on a 400 mile trip in
2014. Luckily, there was an auto parts supplier nearby and I was
able to fix it with Novastop and tap water.

Enjoy the trip. Service the bike well before you depart, just in case
you introduce any faults while you are working on it.
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