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1. Rogue Bluffs State Park
2. Moxie Falls, The Forks
3. Mt. Kineo/Moosehead Lake, Rockwood
4. Mt. Battie, Camden
5. Botanical Gardens, Boothbay
6. Mt. Katahdin/Baxter State Park
7. Ft. Kent
8. Lowes Bridge, Guilford/Sangerville
9. Wire Bridge, New Portland
10. Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch
11. Porter/Parsonfield Covered Bridge
12. Blueberry Hill, Rome
13. St. George and the Dragon metal sculpture, St. George
14. Bailey's Island, Land's End-Fisherman Statue
15. Height of Land, Rangeley
16. Black Woods/182 Between Franklin and Cherryfield
17. Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde
18. Jasper Beach, Machiasport
19. Evan's Notch
20. Solar System in The County
21. Katahdin Iron Works, Brownville
22. Four Corners monument, Madawaska
23. Ft. Knox and Penobscot Narrows Observatory, Prospect
24. Eastport Pier
25. Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor
26. Perry's Nut House, Belfast
27. Houston Brook Falls, Bingham
28. State House Dome, Augusta
29. Bentley's Saloon, Arundel
30. Iron Tails Saloon, Acton
31. Solon Hotel, Solon
32. Pemaquid Lighthouse, Bristol
33. West Quoddy Lighthouse
34. Spring Water Tap, Streaked Mountain, Buckfield/South Paris
35. Deer Isle/Stonington (Bridge, statue, or causeway)
36. Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park
37. Coos Canyon, Byron
38. Lincolnville Beach
39. Smalls Falls, Township E, Franklin County
40. Old Orchard Beach
41. Mt. Agamenticus, Ogunquit
42. Dirt Road: Quill Hill, between Eustis and Rangeley
43. Dirt Road: Mt. Ira, outside of Kingfield
44. Scavenger item: Porta Potty
45. Scavenger item: Water tower with the name of a town
46. Scavenger item: Coin operated kid's ride
47. Scavenger item: Lobster on a sign
48. Scavenger item: Barber Pole

Rules are simple! You must be a member of MRoM. You must visit the locations between June 1st and September 1st, and a picture must be taken of your bike at the location. No picture? It didn't happen :) He/She who visits the most locations wins. If more than one person completes the list, the one who completes it first will win. Administrators, moderators, and Tim and myself are not eligible to win, but everyone can play!
This was taken direct from the event FB page.
Yes, I am participating.

All Maine riders should join the Motorcycle Riders of Maine group and enter this contest. It looks to be a grand summer for riding!

Motorcycle Riders of Maine

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Off topic, but you know the ultimate scavenger hunt item?

An old style soda/beer pop top, with the tab.

Billions of 'em, but just try and find one...

Changed out the avatar in response to a POLITE request by HogCowboy, fwiw. That's Leonard Nimoy's gang sign ;)

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Oh really?:confused:
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