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Lowering a GS

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Love my beemer R1200 GS. A bit too tall. Going to have The Beemer Shop in California replace the shocks with Tractive ones. Anyone have experience with these? Just curious what you think. Have done a good bit of research on this and believe this is better than getting a smaller bike. Not an off road guy, so this is my distance machine. Farkled just how I like, so don't want to spend extra money to get a smaller bike equally outfitted.
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Welcome to the forum:wink2:

A better forum for your question would be the one that I had joined way back in 1987 when I bought my first of 5 Beemers:

My last BMW was a pristine 1999 R1100 GS. I had a 2000 K1200LTC at the same time:grin:

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