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LOWERED BIKE to raising job

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I purchased a bike from someone and there was a lowering kit on it already. It was lowered 3 inches. I would like to raise it back up at least an inch or two. It lookes like there is and adjustable rear shock and it seams like it just needs to be raised on the forks. DOES anybody have any experience with this kind of work? OR can anyone point me in a better direction other than the dealer? Thank you, Brenton
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Most of the lowering jobs I've seen involved putting shorter shocks on the rear, or even replacing them with links or struts. I've seen one bike with a shorter fork bar set installed.

How about putting forward controls on it?
Thank you for responding. I'm not exactly sure what forward controls are... I'm am pretty mechanically inclined but I just need to see what parts I need and only a little direction. What will forward controls do?
What kind of bike is it? I mean what's the model. I'm like Guy the only lowering kits I've seen for the rear are shorter shocks/ linkages. If it's a sport bike (like an R6 / R1 ) they probably changed the shock linkage or cranked all the preload out of it and dropped the forks down
Forward controls are where the brake and gear selector levers are moved forward, and you stretch your legs to control them. If you have a Harley dealer near you, ask to see a bike with forward controls. They make kits to retrofit bikes.
It is an R6. And it does look like the bike is lowered on the forks because there is a lot more sticking out on the top of the forks than any other bike. the rear shock looks like it is adjustible. If that is the case, can I just loosen the attachements to the forks and raise them up? also can I just adjust the rear shock? does there need to be a ratio to keep the bike balanced or somthing? I appreciate the info. anything you know can help lead me in the right direction. thank you
You can move the forks up in the triple clamps. It does sound like someone took all the preload out of the rear shock by loosening the adjustment way up. You can just tighten that up if that's the case. You'll have to set the sag for the rear and the preload.
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