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sales in Germany in decline, too.
Also in Germany scooter sales have been in decline through the last couple of years. Although the Vespa GTS 300 is the second best selling "motorcycle" in Germany, right behind the ubiquitous BMW R1200s. But demografic change and the 45km speed limit for 50cc scscooters have taken it's toll.

During my youth in the 1990s nearly all my friends had a more or less legally speedy 2-stroke 50cc automatic. We would drive from Munich to Milan on those..!

But now Chinese supermarket scooters dominate the market for 50cc scooters, as 45km, or just under 30mph, is no fun anymore anyway... So everyone just looks at low prices at the shop and throws away the scooter after guarantee has expired. It's so sad!!!

And with Vespas getting evermore expensive, only rather older buyers can afford it. But due to demografic change those buyers are getting less and less.

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Tue May 26, 2015 11:43 am quote
I have just returned from a cruise around the med stopping in Barcelona, Corsica, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Genoa, Marseille and Gibraltar, I have to say I was hoping to see a lot of Vespas in Italy but sadly no, they seem to love the big piaggios and yamahas, the smaller scoots were all Hondas, in Marseille there were a few Vespas the riders looking super cool with a mobile phone stuffed into an open faced helmet and of course a cigarette hanging out of the corner of their mouth......only in France can this look cool....I might try it on my soggy commute through Nottinghamshire!
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