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I am going to share my personal experience with the OP.

I got my M1 in August 2019., after successfully passing the MSF at Harley. For the record, I haven't been riding since i was in my 20s. During the field training at MSF, I never dropped the bike I was using for the course and passed with flying colors.

Every day in our lives we are presented with choices, and after getting my M1 I was presented with the choice to whether buy a NEW or USED bike. Btw, my wife was totally OK if I had decided to buy a NEW bike, so that was not a factor in the decision that was made. It took me about a month to make the decision. After one month of kicking ideas around I came to the conclusion "IF" but then I thought "WHEN" i make my first mistakes I do not want to make them on a brand new motorcycle, I'd rather make them on a used machine.

I ended up buying a USED Yammy VStar 650 at a very good price. It is a big bike 595lbs (269kg), however it does not feel like a big bike, I'm scratching 5'7 in height and weight 150lbs. Since I bought the bike in November 2019., I've been riding almost every day after work and on weekends. I am not in a rush so I'm taking my time. Remember, riding a motorycle is about control and NOT about speed, Speed will come with time. Learn to control the bike at slow speeds.
Once a week I go to empty parking lots to practice at slow speed (8 to no more than 10mph) with cones.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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