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hello all,

im 16 year old and i am planning on buying a motorcycle in the near future, but dont really know how to ride one. i have been on small dirtbike before, mostly 70s and 80s but they did not have a clutch, so im not sure how to use it, so i want to learn on an old dirtbike.

does anyone have any suggestions aobut wut brands/types/makes i should get, money isnt an issue as long as it doesnt go way above 1000$

thank you

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there are many bikes that you could choose from. Do you have any experience reparing bikes? if not, i would recomend sticking with a 4 stroke bike. I had an xl 80 when i was your age. It wasnt high performance, although it got me around and I had alot of fun, and the best part was that I only needed to put gas in it. Now however, if your into performance, you could easily get an 80cc dirt bike with alot of power that will perform as fast as many 125cc bikes. IT really depends on your height. IM 27 now, and i have a KX 125 that I love. Its very quick, and gets my but moving at a speed that will sometimes make me think twice about achieving.

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I am 15 years old and I learned how to ride on a 2004 crf70 and i got a Kawasaki kx250 and i learned how to use a clutch on it pretty easily. It stopped running so we sold it and it was a little to big so i got a drz 125l and its perfect

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Yep. This one, slipped by me. :eek: it was late at night.
Usually, I check how many posts the noob that brings it up has,
then the date of the OP, before replying!
There has been a lot of that, lately. ;)
The OP, is probably married with two kids by now!!! :biggrin:


Keep it on 2 wheels unless you have to jump stuff
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I learned on a KX80 dirt bike and my dad got me a YZ80 when I was 11 years old. Start with something like that to get use to it and then get a bigger bike. Sell one to get the other.
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