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Looking for signs

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Hello everyone, as a new rider I was wondering if there’s such thing as “this is a sign you shouldn’t be riding”. Recently while practicing I ended up falling, let me explain the series of unfortunate events haha: this was with a friend rider
I started well, took off and was riding around my neighborhood, it’s literally a nice loop 🔁.. however I kept going right instead of switching directions to start going left. We reached a stop sign and saw my friend go right, I felt intimidated because I’m not use to going right yet. I realized most of my practices have me turning right. Anyways, she noticed I wasn’t going, at this point I felt a little nervous because I felt I couldn’t make that right turn, I decided to go straight however instead of continuing to go straight to make a u turn I slowed down and stoped at a small little dip and was trying to push my bike thru it to make that u turn. I did it however once I was trying to take off I kept stalling and stalling, like about 3-4 times and I’m sure this happened because I was already super nervous of the whole situation. Obviously that got me even more nervous and instead of just taking a break and a breather I kept trying because I felt pressured that my friend was waiting on me. So during my trying of taking off my bike jerked really hard and I believe I let the clutch go and ended revving and the bike too off and of course threw me off. No severe injuries but I felt so dumb. My friend apologized for decided to go right when I wasn’t ready but it made me doubt myself. Is this normal? Positive side is I’m looking forward to practicing again, am I trying to hard to ride? How do you know if this is or is not for you? Obviously I don’t want to break anything or crash on the road. Thanks for your honest opinions in advance.
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It takes a lot of practice, don't worry. When I first rode a bike I used to press the clutch in during the turns because I was afraid to use the throttle when turning. Now I can turn without my hands ( I don't do it but I can lol ).
As they said, you must find an open area or a quiet road and train there. It's better to ride alone when trying to learn how to ride—trying to follow someone is not a good idea.
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