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Looking for signs

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Hello everyone, as a new rider I was wondering if there’s such thing as “this is a sign you shouldn’t be riding”. Recently while practicing I ended up falling, let me explain the series of unfortunate events haha: this was with a friend rider
I started well, took off and was riding around my neighborhood, it’s literally a nice loop 🔁.. however I kept going right instead of switching directions to start going left. We reached a stop sign and saw my friend go right, I felt intimidated because I’m not use to going right yet. I realized most of my practices have me turning right. Anyways, she noticed I wasn’t going, at this point I felt a little nervous because I felt I couldn’t make that right turn, I decided to go straight however instead of continuing to go straight to make a u turn I slowed down and stoped at a small little dip and was trying to push my bike thru it to make that u turn. I did it however once I was trying to take off I kept stalling and stalling, like about 3-4 times and I’m sure this happened because I was already super nervous of the whole situation. Obviously that got me even more nervous and instead of just taking a break and a breather I kept trying because I felt pressured that my friend was waiting on me. So during my trying of taking off my bike jerked really hard and I believe I let the clutch go and ended revving and the bike too off and of course threw me off. No severe injuries but I felt so dumb. My friend apologized for decided to go right when I wasn’t ready but it made me doubt myself. Is this normal? Positive side is I’m looking forward to practicing again, am I trying to hard to ride? How do you know if this is or is not for you? Obviously I don’t want to break anything or crash on the road. Thanks for your honest opinions in advance.
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It will come in time. You gotta let go and roll with it. Remember to look where you wanna go and dont stare at the ground right in front of you. Where you look s where your going.

A story to go with this. A couple of years ago, on the way to work, in my truck, a deer ran out and I got him. It bent the bumper in and if I turned left, it rubbed the tire so I had to make my path to work longer by turning only to the right. So it actully is possible in some cases to get somewhere turning only in one direction. Luckily I had tools with me to remove the bumper and make it home.
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