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I ride an F900R . I do love it but for long highway commutes, a windshield is a must in my opinion. BMW has an OEM standard windshield option, and a high windshield option . The high windshield is effective and does not take away anything from the looks IMO. All the best for your new purchase!
You been very helpful. I really appreciate it!
But the touring F900XR it is much more than what I will want to pay. For sure I will love to get one but I can only get to the price of the F900R. I can get bags for this bike. I just will like to fine a solution with a wind screen to get a bit of wind protection for when I go to the HW. Or I will have to go to the Honda NX750X.
But really still liking the F900R if I can get a nice windscreen for it.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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