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In my opinion a windscreen is critical. I virtually never take a ride without going at least 55 or 60, usually higher speed at least part of the ride. And while I can tolerate riding without one, the ride is much more fun when not being blasted by the wind. I think it almost doesn't matter which of these fine bikes you choose.
I am planing on getting the F900R as I think it will corner better and it is cheaper than the XR. But I will be doing HW often for long times 4 to 6 hours on the weekends. I really will need some help here in where I can fine a more suitable windscreen for this F900R. As the other bike that is on the same price range and has the windscreen is the Honda NC-750X but I think I really will enjoy more the F-900R.
Please, i need help with this.

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Thanks you I het you point.
I know the NC750x will be more comfortable and much better on gas too.
My only concern will be how much of fun I will have to give up. The F900R is a lot of fun but more money. And the F900XR will be ideal but is even more than the F900R.
The cheapest of all will be the Honda NC750x that is for sure but is from all of them the one that has the lease technology too. The new 2020 NC750x has no changes from the 2019. They didn't do anything new to the bike. And is getting a bit updated.
I like to commute but iike to go for fun to the Twisty reads too. How does the NC750x will handle that?

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When I ride NAKED it keeps my speed down too! :eek: :eek:

The CBR650 will be more reliable if history is any indication and parts and service is available everywhere, if and when you decide to Immigrate to the U.S. for some good touring. The Dealer where I just bought my new Africa Twin Adventure Sport, has Oil and filter specials advertised all the time for $40 total.

The new BMW 900 series are beautiful machines and I love Beemer's and have had 5 of them, with no problems----BUTT; There are fewer and fewer Dealers here (I don't know about Canada-EH) and for instance, my nearest one is over 150 miles away and some States don't have a single Dealer, which I find unacceptable if something did go wrong! Parts and service expense is much, much higher than the Honda.

A simple GOOGLE search shows many windscreen choices for the F900R.

I prefer the 900GS series myself. :)
I looked at that windshield before but looks like a bit small and I know that is the biggest from BMW. I thought it will may be and after market one a bit bigger than that to defects the wind from the chest. Any aftermarket once.

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My $0.02 -- buy and equip your bike for its primary purpose (but be very honest with yourself, no matter what you may telling other folks). A bike mismatched for its primary use soon find rider and bike avoiding each-other. Almost any bike is fun to some degree, but a sport bike with minimal protection may get old day after day if you have to commute on it -- like wise a good commuter bike for hours and hours of rush-hour and highway use may not be the fun you'd hoped (especially if your bike commute is only a sometimes thing, and you you really live for weekends).
Hello Larry.
Thanks you so much for your reply.
I am not planning to commute all the time. Only when the weather will be nice and stable. That here in Canada the good weather does not last. That will be 3 or 4 times from July to Sept. I will do the commute just for fun!
The rest of the time. I will be just riding with friends for maybe 2 or 3 hours just on the country side roads. Or visiting friends on the weekends.
I honesty took a look at the Honda NC750X and has a lot I like. I had previously 2 other Honda's before. The CBR1000FF and the the CBR1100XX. That was my last bike. Good for long trips but the Honda seats are really hard and the bike was using more gas than my car. That last thing and the long wheel base that makes the bike so stable that was a fight to make it turn. All that makes me get ride of her.
I took a look to the NC750X. I like the Touring capabilities and the fuel economy of 3.2 litters per 100km or 74 miles per galon. I couldn't ride it as here still alot of thing close or just starting. But, I found the bike a bit updated and the normal Honda complaint. Hard seats!
If the NX750 will have a bit more technology and connectivity. For sure I will go for it. Considering the price. Will be good too is Honda will give a better manufacture warranty. Not that I had any problem with any of the bikes but BMW is giving 3 years unlimited kms with road side assistance. And, some other manufacturers are even giving more than that.
I haven't make my mind. But for sure price wise the NC750X is the go. The other one to consider is the F900XR but by the time you add some thing the bike will be 15 or 16 k. The F900R is much more than the NC750X but true the connectivity you can even get the GPS on the bike display. And using the bike display for your phone calls. And more. I really wish Honda will do that with the NC750 as it is at the end a more touring bike oriented. The NC750X only has missing the connectivity interface to make it a near perfect bike.
But at this moment if I can bring the F900R price down to a point I will not feel rape for adding what should be savety standard on the bike. I still working on that. If not. Plan "B" the Honda once more.

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...and speaking of the long haul....or just going to work....
You need saddlebags or a trunk.
Where are you going to carry your dry clothes for that day you
get soaked going to work? Or your winter jacket for the day
that suddenly turns cold, like it did for us yesterday in the mountains?
Where are you going to carry your snacks and cold drinks for a
long day on the road? What about your tire plug kit?
Or a first aid kit? Or your windshield rags and cleaner so you can
clean the dead bugs off the windshield at your lunch stop?
Or rain gear for long trips?
You need saddlebags.
You been very helpful. I really appreciate it!
But the touring F900XR it is much more than what I will want to pay. For sure I will love to get one but I can only get to the price of the F900R. I can get bags for this bike. I just will like to fine a solution with a wind screen to get a bit of wind protection for when I go to the HW. Or I will have to go to the Honda NX750X.
But really still liking the F900R if I can get a nice windscreen for it.
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