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If any of you use your cellphone almost exclusively to read and post to our forums and would jump at the chance to give the developers some suggestions, let me know here. As an admin they don't want my input. It sucks is apparently not descriptive enough. That's a joke but it does have some shortcomings. But let me know if you are a cellphone user that would like to work with VerticalScope from a user perspective.

It will require using their new app. See the following in that regard...

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Do you need to be a member to see this on Onefora?
Probably. So just in case here's their post.

Product Font Screenshot Motor vehicle Electronic device

  • We have a new app, it's in early stage, and we need your help testing.
  • Submit list of particpants here to get invited to test out our app on your own phone at your own time
  • Submit yourself or your member that you know would love to give feedback.
  • Anyone who try out the app and answers our survey in the app will get a $25 gift card.


Hi everyone,
Being a member of invite-only OneFora, you get early sneak peeks of new features and stuff we are working on.

We're thrilled to announce that we have been working on our own mobile application that allows users to browse content across all our communities.

While we still have many features yet to build, we believe the app has reached a milestone where the core forum browsing experience is taking shape.

As our next step, we need your help to recommend a list of active members from your sites that you think would be happy to try out the app and provide us quality feedback.

Early Stage
The app is still in its very early stages, and the features available are rather minimal. That's why we are only conducting limited testing at the moment. Here's a list of what you can do in the app so far:
  • Signing up and logging in
  • Browsing through our communities in Discover screen
  • Going into communities to browse sub-forums
  • Going into sub-forums to browse threads.
  • Reading through threads.
  • Following communities
  • Following sub-forums
  • Usage of the “My Communities” tab after you follow some communities and sub-forums.
  • Creating new threads (plain text only)
  • Replying to threads (plain text only)
  • Overall navigation experience between communities, sub-forums, and threads.
We're still working on things like uploading attachment, notifications and reactions, but want to get this earliest form out the quickest to help guide what we work on next. Part of the reason we want to do this test so early is so we can validate with the participants on what's the most important feature to build next.

200 Invites Only
As the first step of testing the app, we will only send out 200 invites. The app will only be accessible to those who are invited.
The goal is to start with a small group who are willing to try out the app extensively and provide us with quality feedback.

$25 Gift Card Reward
As a small token of gratitude for patience and attention in this early stage, we will be sending out gift cards to every user who are invited here after they downloads the app, tries it out extensively, and answers the survey.

Help us find testers for the app
  1. Submit a list of members you recommend in this survey
    1. Submit list of particpants here
    2. You can list yourself as well if you are interested!
    3. You can submit people from your site (or others you think would make good testers) who are highly likely to try out this app and give feedback.
  2. Reach out to these members and give them a heads-up about incoming invitation emails for testing the app.
  3. Let them know that the app is still very early and minimalist, we are still building the bread and butter features, and are hoping to hear from them in a future survey about what they like to see us build next in the app.
  4. Ask them to download and use the app just as you would for any normal app, try it out extensively, and answer the survey that we will send out later.
    1. Give them a heads-up that we'll be sending out a $25 gift card if they try out the app extensively and answer the survey.
Getting the App
Once we get the list of users, we will be sending out email invites with instructions on how to test the app, what to expect while testing and where to find the survey.

Why the app?
While our mobile web experience is modern, we believe a mobile-first approach would provide a much better user experience in general.

The iOS and Android mobile applications will provide a much better navigation experience, as well as a much faster loading speed. On top of that, the mobile platform provides a lot more advantages, such as the convenience of the camera and photo upload features, as well as native notifications. These are currently our top priority features to build, and we want to hear and validate these hypotheses from all of you and the testers you recommend.

When will it be available?
We are planning to send out the invites sometime next week if all goes well. Please submit the candidates you have in mind as soon as you can.
Thank you very much, and looking forward to your list of recommendations!
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Good question, but I volunteer as a guinea pig cell user....
@Jbcurt00, I've submitted your name but have no idea if you'll actually be contacted or not. They have their own rules over there.
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