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Looking for help with my Honda Rebel

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I have a question for you all. It's a pretty annoying problem. When I'm stopped at a light or what have you, it seems that, for some reason, my bike won't go down to 1st or neutral. I've sat there and pushed the gear shift down like 5-6 times but it still won't go. I've had it happen a couple times, and trying to accelerate in 2nd, 3rd or whatever gear its in, in the middle of the road is not fun! :mad: What's going on?! Any help would be gladly appreciated!
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Most bikes will do that, there is nothing wrong with the bike. What you have to do is click it down while either moving or let the clutch out just a little bit, not enough to move the bike or stall it, then pull it back in and then click down on the shifter. Or you can rock it back and forth a little bit while stopped but you'll look awful goofy doing that. The gears and syncros don't seem to mesh when they aren't turning a little bit.
Ohh ok. I will definitely give that a try. Thank you! :)
Sweet. Looks like that's what I needed to do. Thanks again for the advice! :D
Is it okay for a bike to accelerate from a near stop in second gear? I've been wondering about this lately. Can you, for instance, slow to a crawl at a stop sign in second and then speed up again? Will this do any damage to the transmission?
Won't hurt it unless it's really slow enough for it to bog down bad and/or act like it's going to stall.
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