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Looking for a stunt bike

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Looking to buy my first rice burner. I have ridden Harley's for years, but lately have been watching folks riding wheelies on sport bikes and have spurred my interest. I currently ride a RoadKing. What is a good bike to add to my stable as a fun play bike and be able to stand it up? I am 6'1" and 200#. I was thinking at least a 900 or bigger.....

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If you are really looking for wheelies... go for longer stroke engines. This can make a big difference. Back in 86 (showing my age :eek: ) my gsxr 750 was a great stunt bike (light weight and long stroke) then Suzuki changed to a short stroke 750 and took a lot of the "pull" of the bike out. Some of the v motors are great for controlled wheelies too.
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