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Looking for a song lyrics site

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I'm loking for a lyrics website. I was using: but I think they brought it down for updates - I can't access it anymore.
Sorry for posting in the ""Motorcycle Repair"" category.

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song lyrics and motorcycle repair? who would have thunk it?
maybe someone should write a song about repairing your motorcycle.
I'll write one.......

I'm workin on the bike,
I do it as much as I like,
It makes me sad,
And now I'm mad,
Because I'm bleedin again.

Brake fluid really burns your eyes,
Someone tell me why,
I opened the bleeder and let fluid fly,
While I was standing over it,
Where is my 14mm socket?

I give up.

I shouldn't quit my day job huh? I had 2 big huge glasses of Mountain Dew before comin' here.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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