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I recently acquired a 1980 Honda CB750c this past year with 4100 original miles. I am the second owner. The original owner parked the thing in his living room. It is in great shape and I am very pleased to own it. It is also my first motorcycle.

Anyways, I managed to get a hold of a sissy bar for it, but am trying to find a luggage rack that would work. I have been browsing ebay for months and then today, I saw an old ad that has exactly what I am looking for (the top picture):

I have that exact Hondaline sissy bar/back rest in the first picture. What I have been trying to find is that luggage rack that is there. Based on my existing sissy bar, the measurements for that luggage rack should be: 6" wide between the mounting tabs, 2" center-to-center between the mounting holes. I realize this is probably a long shot, but I thought I would at least try asking you gurus where I could find one. Any luggage rack that meets those measurements would work. Perhaps someone has seen one, knows the part number.....anything that would help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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