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Looking for a Bike.

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I have been looking for a sportbike now for a while and a lot of them in my price range have quite a few miles. I am looking to spent up to 3,000 and was wondering if 20,000 miles is to much for a motorcyle. If anyone has any recommendations on which bikes are better then others for the money, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
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20,000 miles isn't overly bad if it was taken care of. Keep looking I'm sure you can find something with a little less miles on it in that price range but if you can't just look it over real good.
I agree. 20,000 isn't bad if the bike has been taken care of (oil changed regularly is a BIG thing)

In fact, my 2001 CBR has almost 18,000 on it and it only had 10,000 last year when I bought it. It runs great too. I'm sure I'll pass 20,000 miles on it this year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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