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I passed on these because I'd just take them to shows, and I'd want to ride them. I talked to the man. Honest as can be. Older gentleman. He and his wife brought these with them on trailer trips. He's meticulous about everything. These are the nicest, 100% stock 110's I've ever seen. Not one bit of rust...even on the exhaust. Everything works and undamaged. Stored by this man in his desert climate garage and babied! No ethanol gas ever use.

I WANT THEM, but don't have the time to show them or ride. Check it out! Don't think I've seen better. Hope they go to a vintage Honda enthusiast and collector!

Look up Wenatchee, WA CL and look for these bikes. I can't link here yet. One is an '81, the other a '82...with a fantastic heavy duty trailer...all pristine!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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