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I am looking for BMW Riders in the Long Beach area.
I will be bringing my /7 1000 Back to life after several years asleep!
Pleading for some Experienced Beemer Head that has Front Fork Knowledge.
Need to replace the Rubber Boots, Weathered and Cracked.
The Motor is in need of Pushrod Tubes Replaced, Head Gaskets and Oil Changed as it has Sat for a Long Time.
Gasoline Drained and all Fuel Lines Replaced.
Sounds like a Couple of Afternoons if I can Locate All the Parts.
The Speedo Drive Gear in the Pod is Broken and I have Shouted Out for Help in Locating that Part Also.
Old Man Needs Assistance! Help me Get the "Red Smoke" Back on the Road!
Contact by this Site PM or E-Mail at [email protected].

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I have rekindled my interest in getting my 1977/7 1000 BMW back on the Highway.
Been several years and she is in need of some Love!
Seeking a local to Long Beach, Ca. 90805 to help me.
The majority of her issues are noted on the previous post.
I am not an inept mechanic, but most of my tools are of the American verity and Metric is not my Forte.
If you are available and have the proper tools, Shop, Garage or are just willing to get involved with an Old Dude's Project, Please get in touch!
I figured there is a couple of days to pull the Heads. Front Fork, Tire replacement, Oil & Filter and anything else we uncover along the way.


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