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Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I am sure we all have stories getting our first rides and I got one too. Since the days of high school, I always dreamt of getting a good superbike for myself.
Browsing pictures, watching video reviews and so many other things just looking at these beautiful machines day and night.

In the meanwhile, my cousin got a few bikes, z1000, r6, cbr600, and Gsxr 600. Rode almost all of them, then my uncle got a Harley Davidson Fatboy rode that too, but I am not a fan of Harley's though.

Budget constraints got me to think a lower capacity bike and was considering Ninja 300 or R3, until then I had not seen the Benelli 302r in flesh. Back in August I went to a local showroom for some window shopping and found the 302r standing there in the box crate, my God it was huge.

Then came the moment, looked for a pre-owned bike and found one in the Red/Black color scheme just 1200 miles done in immaculate condition. With a week's time which I took to get the paperwork and funds sorted out. 25th August bought the baby home.

The bike came with the Yoshimura exhaust, and believe me when I rode it with my Lid on, I felt as if I was riding a 600cc bike, yes it surely does not match the power but it surely does give the adrenaline and the fun to a similar extent.

Here is my ride:


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Our regular members do like to know they are welcoming a real person.
Unfortunately there are spambots that also try to pose as real people so
this site does have spambot control. So thanks for your introduction.
We are friendly site here. Well, most of us?
Hey, thanks for the warm welcome, looking forward to have a really good time here.
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