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Aprilia MX50 2004 model
Only blinkers are working,. Battery aint charging, but theres 6 Volts into the regulator at Idle, which rises up to 16-18 at full throttle. Still the lights arent working, and ive tried changing the regulator. No luck there unfortunately, i have a feeling something could be wrong with the Stator.

The Regulator sends out maximum 6 volts to the system at full throttle, when its gaining around 16 volts from the stator.

Im adding a picture with some information, with some testing results from the voltmeter. The bike starts well, and runs good. Its only the lights that arent working. Im also wondering why the white cable from the stator is grounded, since the stator aleready is grounded from before. Should it be like this? Hope someone understand my drawing, and can say if the stator is properly working or not. Thanks for any answers. Christian.


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