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Sort of a weird issue here, was wondering if there was a solution or it's simply not doable. On my vstar classic, the rear signal lights go side to side, meaning the brackets are sideways and the screw holes are at the top and bottom. The bezel has the notch that lines up with the notch in the lens. On the front rack, the signal lights go up and down, so the screws are on the left and right and the notch is now at the top. So with that notch these (you can't move it to the bottom because there is the rounded area in the bezel made to fit around the rack frame where it connects to the light housing) you can't put a standard visor there. Is there some kind of special visor I can use for that scenario? I was thinking of cutting out a notch in the visor to fit, but then I assume the unprotected metal will start rusting on me.

Any suggestions fellas?

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