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License plate blocker!?

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Hey guys,

I know im going to get stuff from just about everyone on this website but im hoping that there is at least 1 person here a little crazier than I am. This is my thought. I want to have somthing to go over my plate at the push of a button or somthing to that effect. I am aware that it is highly illegal to do that but if im riding through bumper to bumper traffic and dont want to get caught, i want to be able to have this option. Has anyone thought of this? I looked online and found alot of photo blockers but i dont want that. I want a full proof shield that blocks all light (such as a metal shield). My thoughts are to glue magnets on the back of the plate, apply hinges some how and have a flip down door or somthing and it will fasten when hitting the magnets. Also was thinking of an instant black out button. If a cover can become jet black in an instant so that nothing can be seen through it. I cant think of how to complete these ideas or how to rig it. If anyone has any crazy ideas please fill me in. and i know most of you are thinking if you wanna do stuff like that, why not just take off the plate? This is because i dont want to get pulled over for no plate, only to have the plate blocked when needed.
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I dont agree with what your doing at all but I figure if you are really determined to do it you wont care what ne one says. That being said Polarized lenses are actually an amazing thing, you might have to dig on the web a bit to find the right thing but if u can get 2 polarized pieces of plexiglass or glass or plastic (not sure if plexi glass or plastic can even be polarized) and u put them together poles reversed then nothing can be seen threw them. So if u have only one sheet on ur plate it would ust look like a tinted cover, then somehow fashion a second piece, turned the opposite way, to fall on the 1st then Kazam no light passes through making ur tag blocked. I probly didnt make any sence just now but it does work.
I shall consider you an 'Accessory after the Fact', take a number your roadside beating is next!

Colorado Fats
If you can catch me that is, jk jk. Im pretty sure he wont do anything at all as far as a tag concealing device goes, just a big imagination and game of "what if". If he does though, and it was my idea he used, I will gladdly take my road side beating like a man since I had aided him in being an idiot.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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