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License plate blocker!?

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Hey guys,

I know im going to get stuff from just about everyone on this website but im hoping that there is at least 1 person here a little crazier than I am. This is my thought. I want to have somthing to go over my plate at the push of a button or somthing to that effect. I am aware that it is highly illegal to do that but if im riding through bumper to bumper traffic and dont want to get caught, i want to be able to have this option. Has anyone thought of this? I looked online and found alot of photo blockers but i dont want that. I want a full proof shield that blocks all light (such as a metal shield). My thoughts are to glue magnets on the back of the plate, apply hinges some how and have a flip down door or somthing and it will fasten when hitting the magnets. Also was thinking of an instant black out button. If a cover can become jet black in an instant so that nothing can be seen through it. I cant think of how to complete these ideas or how to rig it. If anyone has any crazy ideas please fill me in. and i know most of you are thinking if you wanna do stuff like that, why not just take off the plate? This is because i dont want to get pulled over for no plate, only to have the plate blocked when needed.
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Just a thought since this all started with 'wanted not to be turned in' when lane splitting...

Lane splitting is NOT legal in CA. It's "Permissible if done in a safe and prudent manner". Meaning you can get a ticket for it if you're being a ding dong. Generally that means splitting lanes once traffic is moving more than about 40mph OR traveling 15-20mph FASTER than traffic as you split lanes. Splitting lanes at stoplights is permissible AND cuts down on the motorcyclists being rearended.

All in all 'prudently done' lane splitting is a safe and sane behaviour. I grew up in the SF Bay Area and my bike was primary transport at the time. I really miss NOT being able to lane split in my current home state.

I was reading somewhere that a guy had rigged a 'plate blocking' device on his motorcycle and really pissed off Ponch and John. I would submit that rigging such a device would really encourage the arresting officer to give you the full monty cavity search as well as impounding your ride...
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