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If each rider is "required to pay" for a license to ride on the streets, than each citizen should receive the remittance of a fee for each time a police car is driven on the streets...(I require the police to explain why they have spent thousands of dollars to put "race cars" on the highways)

The streets do not belong to any one organization, they belong to everyone.

I don't like being misled; Told I would have to pass a test to use the public byways, then charged for it...
and then, after enticing a government official with the same cohertion; Negate the system entirely, change and place, harder and more pricy stringents on the riders, and even completely ignore those who visit the DOL offices, and don't want to break laws, in an attempt to get, even a beginners permit(learning permits have always been important so accidents can be rectified when inexperienced drivers are tested by nature) license from the DOL.

Endorsements and plaquards are required for truckers(easily understood), and people who want to prove they can break rules(sad but true). I will not hope to see any changes, but I am about to design my own license, have a paper drawn up by some legal agency, and have it notarized, to use as my personal vendetta against this bully tactic crap.

I was standing in front of the licensing office, talking with the "testing agency" trying to find out what I had to do to get a beginners permit for my street machine. They told me that they only take credit cards, and that there testing was only done at a place about 150 miles away(there were 2 places in both directions n. or s.) a local, paid, written only class, had 7 seats open, and if I showed up Friday, on a certain day of the month, at a certain place, at a certain time, with 40 bucks, that there would be a reasonable chance that I could take the test.(no guarentees)
A cop car, roars up into the parking lot next door, checks me out, subdues me, and then expects me to aknowledge that he was apologetic over the deal... He sits there for a long while, while I jot down some notes about the classes they offer, and I assure the "testing agency" I will be there with my 40 bucks.

Man. Really. I don't think I really need any license to learn to ride my street machine on their roads, because they are not their roads, and if they are, you better get some military police here right now. Not to control the people when they attack the cops, but to keep the cops in line, when they decide something.

help! I am so mad I almost broke my unbreakable shovel in the garden today while I was planting.

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Personally, my feeling is that once the government makes you pay for a privilege, it is no longer a privilege, but a right.

In order to carry a gun, which is a right, you still have to pay the government for the permit to exercise a right.

Common denominator is "government".
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