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I rode my bike 25 miles to an advanced riding skills course, did all that riding for five hours in a big parking lot & a little bit on the street, no problems. I thought my license plate was securely attached and nobody told me otherwise. But I admit that I never looked at it, never checked the bolts holding it on, or the bracket.

On the way home from that training class, I started hearing a banging and scraping sound.
I rode another 3 miles until I found a perfect spot to pull over and inspect the bike.
Guess what? I found my license plate bracket had cracked the plate had fallen off and was getting banged against my rear wheel, hanging only from the electrical wires. It could have gotten in the spokes!
And it wasn't just the license plate that was hanging down it was still attached half of the heavy steel bracket so that would've ripped my spokes up had it gotten into my rear wheel.
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So now I do a much more thorough pre-trip inspection, both on the beginning of a trip and on the turnaround point where I begin to ride back home from that day's destination.
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