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I have a couple, both related to maintenance.

1. I had put on a new front tire and put the bike back together, but forgot to pump up the front brakes. Took off for work and was coming up to the first stop sign, and NO FRONT BRAKES! I was only going about 25 mph, so the back brake did just fine to bring me to a stop. And then I remembered what I had done. I sat there and pumped up the front brakes, and then went on my way. Since that morning, I never put the bike in gear to take off until I have first checked both front and rear brakes.

2. I had taken both side panels off to do something or other, got finished with that, put everything back together. The next morning I took off for work, checked in my mirrors to make sure the garage door was closed... and no mirrors. Well, they were there, but not fastened on (just dangling by the wires).
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