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Learning to shift without using the clutch helps a lot when the cable decides to break . ;)
One of my racing buddies only used the clutch lever when coming off the starting line.
After the green flag dropped he never touched the lever again till he pulled in after race. I up-shift without using the clutch most of the time but after about ~two tries of downshifting without using the clutch I gave up on that idea.

@Heartbroken Twins... V-Twins in particular vibrate in such a way that nuts and bolts get loose a lot more often than in-line fours and even single cylinder machines.
One often neglected but important part of a full service (V-Twins more than others) are checking chassis fasteners. Side stand mounting brackets like to try and fall off V-Twin's too. It would be good to check every chassis bolt / nut you can find.

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