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LED Kit Wiring

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I recently purchased an LED kit with safety features for after dark riding. There is a wire for the left turn signal so the left side lights up and same for the right. There is also a brake wire so everything lights up red. Should these wires run to the handles or the bulbs themselves, and how should I go about connecting them, as the existing wiring is all enclosed?


Thank you!
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Install factory connectors to new lights for plug & play installation. DO NOT hack up harness to install these lights. You'll need to unplug those lights and plug in factory lights for troubleshooting later.

Get connectors and terminals here:
I was definitely not going to mess with the harness, but should the kit wires run to the handles to connect?
No. Kit will plug directly into connectors that factory winkers plug into.

Remove factory front winker light and you'll find they plug into 2-terminal female connector on harness. Install matching male connector on new winker lights and plug them into exact same connector as factory winkers. Same for rear winkers.

At rear of bike, unplug factory tail and brake light. It will be 3-terminal female connector on harness. Install matching male connector on new LED lights and plug into harness connector that factory lights were connected to.

Measure each terminal in factory connector to determine which wire is winker power and ground. So you can connect OEM male connector to LED lights properly. Same goes for rear connector with taillight and brake power along with ground.

Having factory OEM service-manual with wiring diagram will make this easier.

Do you have link to this kit? Does it have instructions to download? If for some bizzare reason factory lights are retained and still needs to be plugged in, you can get a Y-splitter cable like this (or make your own).
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I am sorry I was not clear. This is a multi color RGB LED add on light kit for effects. Two of the safety features are that the left or the right side of the bike blinks when turning, and the whole bike lights up red when braking. There is one yellow wire with an additional extension for left turn and the same for right. There is one blue with extension for brake. These are all wired in to a control box that connects to the battery, as well as an on/off switch, 1 strip light for each side and 6 pod lights for each side. So I just have to connect the L yellow and R yellow somewhere, as well as the blue for handle brake.
Do you have a link to the kit you are using? That may help.

Also connecting anything with a on/off switch directly to the battery is a dead battery waiting to happen. Use the switched horn wire for power since it is switched to the ignition.
LD DARKEAGLE 14PCS Motorcycle RGB LED Light Kit on Amazon

The on/off switch is actually just a one-press button, so there are no worries about anything being left on and everything kills with the power too.
Make sure power-wire to battery has fuse. There are no easy to use connectors at handles without cutting into wires. Not to mention running extra wires there creates lot of mess.

To extract L & R signal, tap into left & right rear winkers with splitter cable.
Same with brake signal. All these connectors are within 10cm of each other at rear of bike. Add mating male connector to your LED kit wiring and plug it into extra branch of Y-splitter, done! No cutting into and destroying factory harness needed. Then everything will be clean and tucked out of sight with no hacking of harness needed.
So here's how wiring would look on bike. Thing about electricity is it's same everywhere along single wire-segment. So look at red wire below for brake-signal. It will have exactly same voltage at beginning of wire (at switch) as at end of wire (at brake-light bulb). So you DO NOT need to connect exactly to brake-lever switch at handlebar to get "brake on" signal.
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Measure for yourself:

1. key ON, brake-lever squeezed, measure voltage at brake-lever switch output. Volts = ???
2. key ON, brake-lever squeezed, measure voltage at brake-bulb input. Volts = ???

Easiest to mount LED controller somewhere between battery and rear taillight. Extract brake & winker signals using Y-splitters with no hacking-up of factory harness needed (only brake-light shown below, repeat for winkers). Then you'd have shortest cable-runs to reach battery, brake-light and rear winkers. Also keep LED controller box and all its wiring under seat and protected from rain.
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Thank you for your input! I did find a perfect spot for the control box, under the seat on the back side of the battery housing, and already have the velcro cut and ready for mounting!
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