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Leather jackets

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I live in Knoxville TN, and I have a cruiser. Should everyone own a leather jacket?
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Leather will save you some road rash. Its not the warmest but it cuts the wind pretty good.

The main thing is we should try to avoid direct contact with the road anyway. Just in case I would wear riding gear even if you live in a warmer part of the country. I want a couple sets of riding gear for the hot and one for the cold.
I have 2 leather jackets, sometimes I wear them and they work pretty well, but they honestly don't do anything that my textile/ armored jackets don't do as well or better and cheaper.
If you like the leather look it's a good choice but if not then why buy one, cruisers ride just as well without leather :)
The simple answer is YES. Everyone should own a leather jacket. I own several but don't wear them much anymore when riding the bike. The leather is too heavy and has other issues. I wear mesh fabric jackets with armor in the summer for coolness and rain rated fabric jackets with armor in the cooler temps. I also wear full coverage helmet all the time, boots all the time, armored gloves all the time, and armored pants only sometime. Seems to be a progression. The more years I go the more armor I wear. While I never was a flip flop wearing rider I was a helmetless or pretend helmet and tee shirt wearing rider for a good number of years.
Fashion-wise, sure -- everyone should own a leather jacket.

Now, they are certainly nice for riding, too, but be aware that not all leather jackets are created equal. A jacket designed for riding will have certain features - thick leather, reinforcement in appropriate areas, zippered pockets, snug closures at wrists and neck, etc. While most leather jackets will give you better protection than, say, a long-sleeved shirt or even a denim jacket, they are not as protective as a genuine riding jacket. The features of a genuine leather riding jacket mean they are expensive, so if you want enhanced protection and money is a consideration a quality textile armored jacket will do more for you than a "style-oriented" leather one.
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I used to ride in a black leather jacket. It was heavy and armored and felt very protective. However, when it rained for more than a few minutes it would absorb water, making it cold and excessively heavy. If it got completely soaked, the dye would leech out, turning my body and arms a light purplish color for a couple of days.

Now I ride in textiles.
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^^^^ Yep, but a soaked leather jacket slides really well on asphalt. No reason to wonder how I know that little fact.:sad::devil:
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I live in Knoxville TN, and I have a cruiser. Should everyone own a leather jacket?

I've had both leather and textile and prefer leather unless its really hot, in which case I wear a mesh textile jacket and pants. One advantage of leather is that it doesn't need to be washed, ever. Any grundge on it can be wiped or scrubbed off whereas bugs and dirt get embedded in the fabric of a textile jacket. True, leather is not waterproof, and I have to wear a rain jacket over it, but unless you get an expensive Gortex jacket, most "waterproof" textiles use a water proof liner under the outer fabric, which still gets soaked and heavy. To me, an old, well used leather jacket gets to fit like a favorite pair of shoes and just feels right.
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Of course! Not really necessary now with all the high tech clothing, but it is the thought that counts!
I just picked up a leather coast but it is more of a track/sport coat then a cruiser leather. It has metal shoulder pads, added back armor (upgraded), and full elbow/arm protection. I really like my textile for all around but I think the leather will be more protective for a day on the "tail of the dragon" or other more technical rides. Definitely more protective but a lot of them are as good as the armor
I'm a biker for almost two years, my first bike was Suzuki GSXR 600 and after buying I bought a Leather Jacket from a local market. It was good and stylish and I could even wear that in parties too. Lastly I bought a Leather Jacket from Leather N Jacket
Old thread but, here I go.
No, a leather jacket is not required, but I have two. One is only about 5 years old and the other is,... over 25 years old! I had not thought of that until now! Anyhow the older one is not really a good motorcycle jacket but the wife bought me and her the matching jackets and I love her so I wore it.

Mine now has a small hole in the back of it and the zipper is messed up so I don't use it anymore. I need to replace it but I'm saving the money for gas.
I have weeded my leather jacket collection from 7 down to 4 lately. Every one of them was bought, over a period of about 10 years, at a Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store - - maximum cost, $15.
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Bought my first leather jacket from a thrift store in Sydney at age 17.

It was some 60's jacket and didn't have a lining, so I bought a long sleeve shirt from the store and stitched it into the jacket. Worked a treat - I even had a chest pocket for my wallet.

I wore that jacket for the best part of 10 years and then moved up to what became the Brando classic motorcycle jacket which had a lining.

It wasn't until I had been riding almost 40 years that I got a fully padded jacket and pants.
Nothing like leather . I've had more leather jackets than I care to remember . Still have a couple . One is more dress , but , it's pretty comfy for riding too . The other is one I picked up at a garage sale for a couple bucks . It's nicely 'well worn' and has some carefully placed stains that simply add a ton of character .
My wife suggested getting rid of it , but , that was a big 'no way' .

FYI : a spritz of Camp Dry on any leather will help a great deal to keep it dry , even in a downpour .

It comes down to wearing what you feel comfortable in .
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I bought a genuine HD jacket with the Eagle and HD motif that was kind of molded into the leather in the back.

It was beautiful leather - I'm guessing kid leather but, although it was lined, it had no CE armour in it.

Basically it was a dress Brando style jacket for $600.

I only ever wore it in winter because the liner wasn't removable and it was as hot as hell in summer.

I virtually gave it away when I moved here because nobody wanted to buy it.

This is the style:

Outerwear Coat White Textile Sleeve
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Buy a quality used one. I bought a nice Rev'It armored leather jacket on Craigslist for $150, and it is easily a $500 jacket new. That way if you decide it's not for you, you can recoup your costs. Ebay, CL, FB Marketplace are great for this.

I have two leather jackets, one perforated, one not. Also a couple mesh and textile jackets as well.
Mesh and perforated leather for hot to warm days. The textile for warm to cool days. The unvented leather for cold days.

It's nice to have a variety.
Unless you just got to have a certain brand or a certain logo, you can still get a nice, heavy leather coat/jacket for around $150 (or you used to could). But if you got it, and you want it, there's nothing wrong with getting that brand or logo you want.
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