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Leaning...? Help a new rider out!

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Hey guys. Got my first bike, rode it for the first time yesterday, just a few blocks around residential streets. I actually got the hang of shifting....

But leaning/turning: I'm fuzzy on that.

The DMV handbook says that you "push right, lean right, go right". Meaning that you actually turn the handlebars to the left....:confused:

One guy I work with confirms this. But that's just TOO counter intuitive for me to understand.

Another guy I spoke to says, no, you actually push with your left, and the handlebars, to go right.

Can anyone shed some light on this, or point me someplace that can help me a bit?
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I've never taken the safety course, but if you remember when you were a kid, you counter steered without even knowing it. You have much better control of your motorcycle if you stay the same position in the seat while turning OR going down the road. The more you lean your body without the bike leaning under you, the less control you have. Stay straight up in the saddle, counter steer, and let the bike lean without your having to PULL it over. If you feel the force of the turn in your butt, and you're not being pulled off the bike, then you're doing it right. Not sure I said that right, so I'll try this. If you can put a ruler up the side of your bike, and you're as straight as the ruler, then you're doing it right. When the bike leans, you go with it. (I know, I know, he's totally confused now!) :p
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