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kz900 over heating need help bad

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ok i have a 1976 kz 900 i just got done restoring it it has been sitting for about 10 years and i got it to fire and the 2 cylinders in the middle over heat within 15secs and the two outer ones stay cool i ajusterd the carbs and they are all the same i was thinking it could be the points. and 1 more question could it be running 0ff the two middle cylinders and that y it could be over heating .:confused:
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Pull the carbs and clean them real real good. You are running lean on those 2 cylinders most likely due to a plugged up pilot jet or a partially plugged main. While the carbs are off take a good look at the intake rubbers and see if they are cracked or broken. That could draw in air and make it lean. If the carbs are good and the intake rubbers are good you may have a leaky head gasket in between those 2 cylinders drawing in air. Make sure you have the right heat range plug in it too.
and 1 more question since it realy sucks putting thoes carbs on it is realt tight inbetween the air box does any one know a trick for doing it and were would u buy cones at for it
Yeah I know how bad that sucks. You kinda just have to figure out a procedure for it. Some Armor All helps keeps stuff like the boots slippy. The deal about the cone or UNI filters that clamp on the carbs is you will probably have to jet the carbs up to compensate for the larger volume of air they flow. Usually 2 - 3 sizes up on the mains, mostly they go in increments of 5 such as 120, 125, 130 etc, and 2 or 3 up on the pilots, mostly they go single numbers, and you'll be ok. Just check your plugs after you get it running right. If they are tan on the tip you're good to go, black is rich and white is lean. 99% of bike shops have jets. They will need to know the carb make, Kehin or Mikuni and take along your jets to compare them with.
one more questions for u guys. if only 2 cylinders are fireing in the middle would that make it over heat cuz i found my 2 out side carbs jets were clooged
Yes because they would have to work harder to keep the 2 dead ones going.
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