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After acquiring my 2017 Honda CBR300R, there was only one feature I didn't really care for -- the rear passenger grab rails. Now, they're cool looking and sleek, blending well with the overall sleek design of the bike, but they didn't appear to me to be all that great an arrangement for a passenger to grab and they were definitely a challenge when it came to the secure attachment of a soft bag or two. I really don't anticipate carrying a passenger, and I know this is a sporty-type bike and not a tourer. But, I do like to have one hand on the grab rail when I am rolling the bike around in the garage or in a parking space, and I definitely intend to be taking some weekend trips where a bag or two would be needed.

So, I started researching online as to what was available in the way of a rear rack. There is an OEM rack from Honda out there, but the nearest I could find one was in the UK. Aside from a couple of dubious-looking Chinese racks, the best option looked to be the Hepco & Becker Minirack. I sent off an order to Motomachines in Sterling, VA, and in three days I had the rack.

All went well for 2/3 of the installation. The issue grab rails came off with no problem, and mounting the adapter and the new support rails was a breeze. Then -- a snag. The top plate of the Minirack was designed to be secured by four screws, BUT -- the screw holes in the top plate were located 5.5 cm apart, measured front-to-back, while the holes in the supports were 11 cm apart. This meant that only 2 of the 4 screws could be used.

Now, the 2-screw mounting seemed solid enough. Still, the idea that something that would be subject to vibration and weight, and was designed for 4 screws and could only take 2, made me antsy. Plus, the directions sent with the rack clearly showed an entirely different set-up for the top plate attachment. Bummer!

Off went e-mails to both Motomachines and H&B. Within 24 hours I had responses from both asking for clarification photos, which I sent right away. After a couple of days I got an e-mail from Andrew at Motomachines telling me that clearly something was amiss, and promising me that both Motomachines and H&B wanted me to be happy and would address the matter as soon as they figured out what had happened.

As it turned out, H&B had somehow packaged the wrong top plate with the support brackets, and yesterday Andrew e-mailed to let me know that a new, correct plate was on the UPS truck headed my way. I haven't received it yet, but UPS says they'll deliver tomorrow, one week from the date I first notified them of the problem.

I will say that not only is H&B's product a top-quality item, but Motomachine's customer service has been absolutely superb -- a pretty rare thing these days, in both regards.

Danke, Hepco & Becker, and a big thank you to Andrew at Motomachines!:grin:
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