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I'm not a big proponent of safety gear. I wear a helmet when needed a decent pair of boots and jacket/pants(most of the time). It's a personal choice thing to me. As far as all this new fangled kevlar/cloth. How do you know what you're getting? Is there anything lacking? Do you get replacement pads, or is it trashed when you use it? Can you change out inserts? Would you prefer thicker/heaver inserts? Would bulkier inserts take away from the look? or is that even an issue?

Don't think I've ever bothered looking at the newer stuff.

Anyway, the reason i'm asking, is I have some kevlar and plan on using some of it for a bike build, but I was wondering if there is any need for things like new/different inserts/pads? I could make some bullet proof vests, but I have a feeling my primary customer would be on the wrong end of things ;) So barring that, any call for it?

Seems like this is a good place to ask, as it seems proper gear is always talked about here. Just let me know your thoughts.

Another thought, what about something to attach to the high points on your bike, that you know are going to get damaged? Does anyone make armor for bikes? Something like foot peg or handlebar ends.

edit: hey, I can link now :)
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