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Ok, I just pulled my 1976 Kawasaki KE125 out from sitting for 8 years - cleaned carb, gas tank, pet ****, gas line, spark plug, plug wire cap, crank case oil, and exhaust - put new gas and injector oil (injector works) and it ran like it was brand new this morning around the block a couple of times. I let it sit for 10 minutes and now it won't even act like it wants to start. I have a spark (from what I can tell - I can only see it with the plug wire cap off) but it doesn't seem like it is getting fire? Any tips on what to do next?

It's kind of a tricky procedure, but if you take out the plug, put the wire back on, hold the base of the plug against the fins of the cylinder head(but away from the hole, there's gas in there), and kick the bike over, you can see if it's sparking. Just don't hold it by anything metal.

If it's fouling on you, it could be the injector pushing too much oil, too cool a plug, or the wrong gap.

Interesting that the forum software won't let you write "pet****"
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