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I recently crossed paths with a guy who had a K1300S (motorsports edition) and really liked the bike. I'm looking at something in this series as possibly a next bike. (Whether it would replace my current GS or add to it is yet to be decided.)

I guess the biggest question I have is whether there were significant changes between the K1200S and the K1300S (other than the increase in displacement.)? Looking at ads online, It looks like most of the K1300s (at least the newer ones, including the motorsports edition) seem to be about twice the price of some K1200s I might be interested in, including some with low mileage. I'm sure some of the technology has changed (and from what I'm reading online, some people seem to think the K1300 tech has been surpassed now anyway) but were there other changes when BMW went from the K1200S to the K1300S?

Second question, is there a mileage ceiling for these models I should be aware of and not really look at examples above that ceiling? There are definitely examples of K's available below 20k miles (a few even below 10k), which I'd be comfortable with (assuming regular maintenance, of course). Some other examples are in the 30k to 40k range, which I figure is probably still not unreasonable but is a little beyond my comfort range.

Finally, I've tried to research what the differences are in the K1300S motorsports edition, but so far I haven't been able to find anything other than the paint scheme and a lighter set of wheels. Are there other differences, or is there a reference someone can point me to?

Thanks for any information.

John M.
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